Alasya Bakery produces the finest range of artisan Turkish breads, and bakery products.
Both; our breads and pastries are individually hand-crafted pieces, baked in stone floor, wood-fired ovens.
We use only the highest quality ingredients, and our impeccable safety and quality procedures have earned us a HACCP accreditation.

But whilst our facilities are modern, our processes are thoroughly old-school.







We portion and roll the dough by hand.






We allow the dough to prove – naturally (none of that steam room stuff)






We ‘open’ or shape the portions – by hand






The dough gets an egg-wash, and sprinkling of sesame seeds

(or herbs, seeds, garlic, kalamata olives, hellim,)






We ‘score’ the dough by-hand






We load each piece onto our wooden shovel – by hand






We bake in wood-fired, stone floor ovens


Till “golden brown”







And pull each unique piece out -